About [New] KeritiKentang

KeritiKentang is a review website that was created in 2007 by the twins, Nieke and Nilla. Initially this website was intended as a “speak up” media for the twins to write about any issues around them. But now KeritiKentang has a new concept, i.e. a review website about every things/stuffs that the twins use or have. “A single photo with captions in Facebook/Twitter is not enough to share some cool stuffs (or bad ones)”, it is the reason why this site is now becomea review site. The changes is also intended to give this site some refreshment :)


Meet the authors:

Nieke / Nona Nieke / Ms Nieke

 mom of 3 y’o son & @dokterhuda’s wife | Blogger | Freelance writer | Kids apps user | Book & Movie lover | Newbie runner | ? baking, cooking & parenting world.

Nilla / Jumi / nillapinky

ex-programmer | IT junior consultant | book writer | loves mountain biking | backpacker | adventurous | still single and happy ^^

.. and our guest author:

Huda / dr. Huda

a doctor, a web developer, a family guy & a geek

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