About Our Review

About the Review:

We review everything that we want. Ranging from things/products that we love to those we don’t like at all. We’re pretty sure that internet users need recommendations or informations about various things that they need. So we write reviews as honest as we can. We’re using rating system in every post to make you easily understand our opinions. We give 1 heart potato for the most disappointing stuffs and up to 10 heart potatoes for those satisfy us the most.

One thing to remember, these reviews are subjective to us as product/service consumers. We rate things based on our taste and it could be affected by the condition of the products that we receive or circumstances when we get a service. The review output could be different than your opinions :)

“Remember that Life Accepts Differences”

Review Request:

We do support small and mid-level industries. We also support every business that owns good quality products/services to be more success. That’s why we’re glad if you want us to review your products/services.. it’s FREE! Every review post will be spread throughout social KeritiKentang social media. It’s even possible for us to share them in our personal social media account :)*.

What do we review?

Lots of things! Just contact us.. maybe your products are in the criteria :) Feel free contact us if you’re interested to get review from KeritiKentang

Email: keritikentang[at]gmail[dot]com

or mention us to our Twitters (for the prompt response): @Nieke & @Nillapinky



Just ask us..! :)



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